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Eidos Montréal Hopes to Attract a Larger Audience to Thief Franchise With Upcoming Movie

Last week, we reported that a movie based on Thief franchise is in the works as Straight Up Films acquired the rights to give the video game series some Hollywood treatment. Eidos Montréal has now made it all official with a press release on its website, announcing a deal with the film studio. 

Revealing that Thief has managed to retain “a very loyal following,” Eidos Montréal head, David Anfossi, said that the developer hopes to attract a larger audience to the series with the release of the upcoming movie.

We have always been passionate about telling stories and bringing them to different mediums. With the intricate world of Thief being made into a feature film, a larger audience will be able to dive into this universe.

The press release also confirmed information that was revealed by Hollywood Reporter last week. The movie’s screenplay will be written by Adam Mason and Simon Boyes (Misconduct, Not Safe for Work), and it will be co-produced by Straight Up Films, Source Rock and Square Enix.

[Source: Eidos Montréal]