Ubisoft Targets Balancing Issues Within The Division’s Dark Zone

Publisher Ubisoft is honing in on balancing issues found in The Division‘s Dark Zone area, with Massive’s Community Developer Hamish Bode noting that tweaking the shooter’s PvP section is “definitely a priority for the development team.”

News arrives via a community livestream event from earlier today, where Bode explained that Ubisoft is canvasing for potential ways to encourage more PvP encounters. One such incentive that may be introduced is a new and much more lenient penalty for those agents who decide to go rogue. 

This is ultimately in an effort to increase player engagement in the Dark Zone, with Ubisoft noting that the lawless arena has proven to be much less competitive than the developer had initially intended. 

Lastly, there’s also mention of the weekly three-hour maintenance being reduced, while still starting at the same time — 8am GMT (4am EDT, 1am PDT) on Tuesday. If you’re struggling to come to terms with The Division‘s Dark Zone or simply want to get a leg up on the competition, Ubisoft’s latest tutorial video ought to pique your interest. 

In related news, The Division now holds the title for the biggest opening week for a new franchise, storming to $330 million.

[Source: Twitter, Shack NewsTwitch via GameSpot]