Sony Won’t Offer a PS4 and PlayStation VR Bundle This Year

When PlayStation VR releases in October 2016, you’ll be able to purchase the headset on its own for $399 USD, with Sony also selling a bundle in (at least) North America that includes the PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move. But when it comes to a PlayStation 4 bundle with PSVR, they won’t have anything this year.

As PlayStation Europe President Jim Ryan told Gamereactor at GDC, a PS4 and PSVR bundle is something they’ll look at down the road:

No, we won’t do it at launch. I think we will wait and see just how well this thing is received in the market over a period of months and that would be one thing that we could look at. It would be quite an expensive bundle.

Ryan continued by saying there’s been no thoughts of integrating PlayStation VR into the PS4.

He then added:

We are still a number of months away from launching this thing. We’re very excited about VR, but as yet, it’s not proven. So we wanna get out there, we wanna see how it goes, and then we’ll start to think about the future. We’re very encouraged, we’re very optimistic, we’re very intrigued by VR. We hope it’s going to be a success, we think it’s going to be a success, but at this stage it will be really premature to start looking at things that would compromise the nature of the basic PS4 experience.

E3 2016 is a few months away, but Ryan was able to offer a teaser for the event. “I’m very confident that you’re going to enjoy E3; you’re going to love what you hear from PlayStation,” he said.

[Source: Gamereactor via GamingBolt]