Twin-Stick Shooter Laser Disco Defenders Announced for PS Vita

A 70’s inspired procedural twin-stick shooter, Laser Disco Defenders is coming to PlayStation Vita in 2016, developer Out of Bounds announced today.

Planned for release within the next four to six months, Laser Disco Defenders revolves around the Intergalactic music contest, which decides who wins the mighty Mirror Moon. Whoever holds it can project their music across the galaxy, but the evil Lord Monotone steals it, so the Disco Defenders must fight to get it back.

“The game is inspired by the science fiction and music of the late ’70s,” Out of Bounds’ Alexander Birke said. “After the success of Star Wars a super nova of cheap hilarious knock offs came out and even disco music, the pulse of the decade, started to use space themes and sound effects.”

As you can see in the above video, every shot fired in Laser Disco Defenders bounces around the level indefinitely and can hurt you. Birke says this is easy to deal with at first, but as you progress “it quickly becomes a challenge to just avoid your own shots when dodging your way towards the portal to the next level.”

Along with the procedural levels, you’ll find an endless score-based mode and a story mode where you have to survive a certain amount of caves before taking back the Mirror Moon.

[Source: PS Blog]