Fourth Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Making Of Video Keeps Pushing Technical Boundaries

Continuing on from yesterday’s video, Naughty Dog posted Pushing Technical Boundaries Part 2 today, which is the fourth entry into the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Making Of series.

“In this episode,” the video’s description says, “the Naughty Dog team share their experiences with moving to the new platform of PlayStation 4 and all of the benefits that come with the system. The team expand on how they were able to develop meaningful and realistic connections between the characters, the vehicles and the environment. Providing a rich, realistic and gripping gameplay experience for the player.”

After various members of the team talked about moving from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4, Lead Visual Effects Artist Eben Cook discussed the addition of a vehicle to the series:

It’s been a challenge because we really want it to feel like the interaction is causing things to happen. So whenever it’s driving over dusty terrain, there’s a lot of dust kick-up. Then, say you go into a muddy section, the effects are going to communicate that too. If the tires spin out, then they’re going to kick-up a lot of mud and the vehicle’s going to get muddy. And we just want to have that connection between this vehicle that you’re controlling and the environment that you’re in.

Later in the video, Lead Animator Jeremy Yates touched on the new climbing system:

The climbing system in Uncharted 4 has been completely overhauled. We’ve come up with a system that gives just an unprecedented amount of fine control over Drake as he climbs. You have full analog control over both of his hands, you can put his hand exactly on the rock, on the handhold where you want it to be, and fluidly go from one climb to another.

We’re also able to integrate Drake into the environment a lot more. When he’s climbing on the outside of a vehicle, he’s moving with that vehicle, with his weight on that vehicle on top of the animations. So it’s something that the PlayStation 4 gives us, that we have so much memory.

If Naughty Dog follows the same release schedule, expect the final Making Of video, In The End, to be available next week.

Uncharted 4 will release on May 10 for PS4.