PS4 & Xbox One Sales Reach 5.1 Million in the UK, Says GAME

Citing GfK, IHS, and IDG data, retailer GAME says combined PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sales in the UK are sitting at more than 5.1 million as of January 23, 2016.

At the same point in their lifecycle, combined PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sales were at 3.5 million. Today, PS3 and 360 sales are at 14.5 million, meaning the PS4 and Xbox One are already 1/3 of the way to catching up with them after just two years.

MCV adds that PS4 sales were at three million in the UK as of January and, since GAME’s report might not be up-weighted, combined sales could be as high as 5.4 million, with the Xbox One at 2.4 million.

Earlier this month, Sony said worldwide PS4 sales were over 36 million.

[Source: GAME, MCV via Videogamer]