Sony: PS4 at 36 Million Sold, Star Wars Battlefront VR Experience Coming Exclusively to PlayStation VR

At their PlayStation VR press event today, Sony announced that a Star Wars Battlefront VR experience is coming exclusively to PlayStation VR, but no further details were given.

Also during the event, it was revealed that over 230 developers are working on PlayStation VR, 36 million PlayStation 4s have been sold (up from 35.9 million at the beginning of the year), all PlayStation VR owners will be able to download The Playroom VR, a cinematic mode will allow you to play games or watch movies on a virtual big screen, and a new media viewer app will support VR photos and video.

Sony talked about The Playroom VR:

Additionally, The Playroom VR, from our very own Japan Studio, will be available as a free download from PlayStation Store for all PS VR owners at launch. The Playroom VR will include six games that can be enjoyed with friends and family, demonstrating why we believe VR can also be an impactful experience when it’s shared.

If you missed the big news earlier, PlayStation VR releases in October 2016 for $399 USD.

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