PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Surpassed Sony Expectations, More Bundles up at Amazon Today

After many European retailers sold out of PlayStation VR pre-orders in under an hour last week, PlayStation Europe Boss Jim Ryan told MCV that their initial expectations have been surpassed:

It’s hard to tell [if there will be enough stock at launch in October]. The news overnight on pre-orders is extremely encouraging, but I’d be very wary about extrapolating how we’ll do through to launch based on less than 24 hours.

I would say that the early pre-orders has surpassed our initial expectations. So that suggests demand, and therefore day one, might be quite significant.

After saying that “many millions” of people own both the PlayStation Camera (required for PSVR) and PlayStation Move controllers, Ryan discussed the possibility of having bundles in Europe in October:

Europe, as you know, is a delight to live in, a delight to work in, but it is complicated, fragmented and challenging from a logistical perspective.

It is slightly messy, but we just need to get into the detail of what our SKU configurations are, and what retailers might do – because UK retailers love nothing better than to create a bundle. I have to work it through country-by-country, retailer-by-retailer… it is messy, but it is eminently solvable.

In North America, there’s the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle for $499 USD that includes the headset, Camera, two Move controllers, and PlayStation VR Worlds. As announced, more units will be available to pre-order today at 2pm PT/5pm PT in limited quantities.

If you miss out on the Launch Bundle, the $399 USD/$549 CAD core system goes up for pre-order on March 29 in North America.

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