These The Division Farming Spots Post Patch 1.02 Will Net You Phoenix Credits & High-End Gear Fast

With The Division’s latest title update (patch 1.02) seemingly kaboshing a couple of farming spots that helped players get easy Phoenix Credits and purple gear, you might have been forced to grind for loot the old fashioned way (actually grinding out Challenge missions and the Dark Zone).

Well, thanks to a few handful and dedicated gamers, we now have more The Division farming spots and exploits that are guaranteed to give your entire squad Phoenix Credits and even High-End stuff along with some purple (Superior) items.

There are three missions that are currently being exploited now by The Division players. One spot (Police Academy) will net you easy Phoenix Credits and Purple gear, while the other two (Russian Consulate and Lincoln Tunnel) will entail more work since you have to do them in Challenging difficulty, but will net you High-End items and of course, Phoenix Credits.

Police Academy (Mode: Hard with Phoenix Credits and Superior gear as rewards):

Lincoln Tunnel (Mode: Challenging with High-End gear and Phoenix Credits as rewards):

Russian Consulate (Mode: Challenging with High-End gear and Phoenix Credits as rewards):

Based from my experience running through these missions, the Police Academy is, of course, the easiest one and shouldn’t take you more than 5-10 minutes when going at it alone provided you deal decent enough damage. Of course, the downside here is you won’t get any High-End stuff, but you’ll be raking in Phoenix Creds in no time. Now, for the two farming exploits, the Russian Consulate one is undoubtedly the harder of the two, so might be wiser to just stick to the Lincoln Tunnel mission. 

If ever you need squad members to run the farming tricks above, ask away in the comments and let’s hope other PlayStation LifeStyle readers are willing to squad up with other members of the site just to help out.

Know of any more The Division farming spots and exploits? Let us know in the comments below or send us the info at [email protected]

[Source: YK Chau (YouTube), MarcoStyle (YouTube), GatorSkull (YouTube)]

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