Ubisoft Details Upcoming Changes to The Division, Special Report Coming Tomorrow

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In last night’s The Division “State of the Game” Twitch live-stream, Ubisoft detailed some of the changes coming to The Division soon. While no exact date was given, some of the biggest in-game issues were addressed and for those still being affected by the backpack bug, sad to say, there’s still no definite date for a fix yet.

Here’s the key points that was talked about which was compiled by JokerUnique (Reddit):

Important Points

  • There will be changes to Division Tech. As of now we don’t know what, but it won’t involve crafting.
  • No patch notes this week only server-side clean-up.
  • Future updates based on the feedback are work in progress.
  • They are making progress in the backpack issue that locks out users from their account. It was hard to reproduce, but now they have identified the issue and working on the fix now. (the forum-thread helped)
  • There will be more Weekly and Daily activities that give rewards.
  • Community “stuff&things” will be also added to the game.
  • There will be a big stream to announce the future changes, but we don’t have a date right now.

Dark Zone changes fallout

  • More players are going rogue – to the point where players complain that there are too many.
  • The time that people spend in the Dark Zone doubled.
  • But there will be more changes to optimize the experience
  • There will more “stuff&things” added to the Dark Zone

Patch notes

There are no patch notes this week.

You can re-watch the State of the Game stream in the video above. In other The Division news, fans will be glad to know that a “Special Report” will be broadcast by Ubisoft over on the official The Division Twitch channel that will talk more about Incursions (The Division’s term for raids) at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT.

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[Source: The Division (Twitch) via Reddit, The Division (Twitter)]