Report: PS4.5 GPU Will Be Twice as Powerful, God of War 4 Among Launch Titles

With rumors of a PlayStation 4.5 still rife, a NeoGAF user named OsirisBlack has revealed some more information that he apparently obtained through his sources. We’re told that the console’s GPU will be twice as powerful as the standard PS4’s, and that it will launch with Capcom’s Deep Down and God of War 4. The rest of the information pertaining to PS4.5 price, games and more is as follows:

Price is currently $399.99. They were discussing a better CPU which would raise the price to $499.99. We were guaranteed the price will be no higher than $499.99. Also, there is currently no plan for any type of trade in program for current PS4 users but that could change.

They stated that the GPU is twice as powerful as standard PS4 and much faster. They did not say exactly how fast but that is was running at a higher clock speed while being much smaller than the original.

It will have a 4k blu ray player and will upscale games that are not natively 4k.

Also there was talk of some sort of VR lounge for the media player app which is supposed to be getting a substantial upgrade.

It was stated plainly and with no room for interpretation that there are developers that already have development kits for the PS4K and that they are making games that will directly target and take advantage of the higher specs of the PS4K. It was also stated that these games will in fact work for the PS4 but with considerable sacrifices made to performance.

It was also made very clear that current games would not be getting any type of performance upgrades by being played on the system and any benefits to older games would come via patch per game and per developer. When asked if this was going to happen the response was “It’s a possibility but doubtful with the exception of a handful of games.”

We were also given a list of games that will be available at launch that will directly take advantage of the PS4K:

For the PSVR

Eve Valkyrie


GT Sport

For the PS4K

Deep Down

GOW4 (This was the exact abbreviation on the sheet I can only assume it’s god of war 4)

The site’s moderators claim to have verified that OsirisBlack had access to this information but since nothing has been officially confirmed yet, we’ll have to treat it as a report.

[Source: NeoGAF]