Resident Evil 6 Comparison Gameplay Video Confirms 1080p/60fps on PS4 & Xbox One

With Resident Evil 6 now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Digital Foundry did a frame-rate analysis, comparing the new versions to the Xbox 360 version.

As you can see in the video, Resident Evil 6 on PS4 and XB1 runs at 60fps, while the 360 version dips under 30fps quite regularly. “It kind of defies expectation. We’re not getting a straight 30fps experience, as was how it was originally presented,” Digital Foundry says about the new-gen release. “It’s nice that they’ve optimized it as best they could to bring it to full 60[fps].”

They continued by confirming that Resident Evil 6 runs at 1080p on both platforms, with PS4 locked at 60fps almost throughout:

It’s a massive improvement. Basically we’re looking at native 1080p on both consoles, and for the most part we get a locked 60fps for extended periods. Or in the case of PlayStation 4, it is solid 60[fps] throughout.

While the PS4 version is mostly locked to 60fps, the Xbox One version drops to around 50fps – 55fps at times, depending on the scenario.

If you want more Resident Evil on PS4 and Xbox One, Capcom is releasing Resident Evil 5 in summer 2016 and Resident Evil 4 in fall 2016. Capcom hasn’t said if they’ll receive the same 1080p/60fps upgrade.

Did you pick up Resident Evil 6 this week?

[Source: Digital Foundry (YouTube)]