GTA Online Double RP Week Kicks Off Today, Lowrider Bonuses and New SUMO Maps Inbound

Developer Rockstar has rolled out information regarding the latest week-long event headed to GTA Online, and this time it all revolves around Lowrider bonuses, new SUMO maps and much more. 

Beginning today, April 1, the Tornado Custom Week brings with it a sleek new ride in the form of the Declasse Tornado Custom — available from Tuesday, April 5 — while those who took a liking to the SUMO mode introduced with the Lowriders Custom Classics event will be pleased to note that additional maps will be added over the coming days. 

There’s also word of two “blockbuster livestreams” designed to dovetail GTA Online‘s Tornado week. The first of which was streamed earlier today, before Rockstar take to YouTube and Twitch on Thursday, April 7 at 5pm ET to close out the event. Details of which can be found below. 


Benny’s Original Motor Works’ spring inventory adds a bona fide classic next week – the Declasse Tornado Custom, coming this Tuesday April 5th. Unlock the full potential of this beauty with a glorious range of upgrades at Benny’s, including expressive and eclectic Livery choices, an abundance of roof design options and many more.


For those who love the new SUMO mode recently released with Lowriders Custom Classics, we’ve got two treacherous new maps that have just been added today. Watch out for the cracks as you smash, bash and barge in high atop the SS Bulker at the docks in Sumo V – and take to the roof of Sightings Bar & Restaurant at the airport for the ultimate dance of destruction in Sumo VI.

Get Double RP in all Sumo Adversary Modes (including the new maps released today), Contact Missions from GTA Online: Lowriders and select Race Playlists. You can also launch GTA Online directly into the Playlist when prompted while booting GTAV to easily play and gain the Double RP bonus. Upon completion of the day’s Playlist, feel free to play it as much as your heart desires by way of the Rockstar Playlists section in the GTA Online pause menu. Here is the full Playlist schedule:

Friday April 1 – Sunday April 3 – Sumo Adversary Modes (including the new maps)

Monday April 4 – Tuesday April 5 – Street Races

Wednesday April 6 – Thursday April 7 – Street Races (different set of Jobs)

25% off select modifications at Benny’s Original Motor Works and all Los Santos Customs. With the impending release of the new Tornado Custom come Tuesday, these discounts will be particularly handy. Mod out and take the streets by storm with your upgraded ride (although note that base modifications for already upgraded Lowriders are not discounted). When you’re done cruising and you’re looking for a place to store your prized new Tornado, pay a visit to the Dynasty 8 website at some point this week and enjoy 15% off all 10-car garage properties. It’s a great time to buy!

30% off your purchase of the Machete, the Machine Pistol and any item of Lowriders clothing.


We’ll be kicking off and closing out Tornado Week with two blockbuster live streams at the Rockstar Twitch and YouTube channels.

Today Friday April 1 5pm ET

Playing new SUMO maps and other April’s tomfoolery with Twitch all-stars:

Ellohime, EatMyDiction, TangentGaming and BikeMan of Team New Game Plus

Thursday April 7 5pm ET

We are excited to welcome huge GTA and Rockstar fan LOGIC alongside FaZe Clan’s Rain, Adapt and Blaziken plus Rhymestyle and AfroSenju. Logic is in town performing at Terminal 5 as part of The Incredible World Tour and is stopping by Rockstar NYC for this special live stream. One elite MC and a gang of elite professional shooters will be riding out with Rockstar in the new Tornado Custom, and letting Faze air us out in some Compact Rifle and Machine Pistol TDMs and more.

Tornado Week will commence today, April 1 and continue through until April 7. But will you be logging hours into GTA Online in the coming days? 

[Source: Rockstar Newswire