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Someone’s Already Beaten Dark Souls III in Under Two Hours

From Software’s Dark Souls III has been out in Japan since March 24, and someone has already set a record of beating the game in under two hours. A YouTube user known as 제하니 published the video above of his speedrun, in which he completes the game in an hour and 42 minutes. If you’re interested in watching some of it, the action begins at 12.00 mark.

In other Dark Souls III news, Bandai Namco published a nifty little trailer for the game yesterday and to mark April Fool’s Day, the publisher released the video in form of a VHS movie clip. In fact, the team even set up a website where you can supposedly buy the VHS but it’s apparently “sold out.” You can check out the trailer below.

Dark Souls III is out in other regions on April 12 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.