Uncharted 4 Is the Longest Game in the Series & Is the Most Varied in Terms of Locations

Asked by GameSpot about the multiple delays to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and how Naughty Dog didn’t want to cut corners with the final entry, Creative Director Neil Druckmann revealed that it’s the longest and most varied game in the series:

When we realized we weren’t going to hit 2015, it was sequences that were just coming online. There’s an option on the table to cut that sequence out and see if you can stitch the game together without it, but you risk hurting pacing and story when you do that. Everything we put in there we felt was necessary to tell the story. It’s very ambitious, it’s the longest Uncharted in the series, and the most varied as far as locations.

I don’t know if it’d be any different with another game, but this being the last one, we don’t want feel like there was a missed opportunity here. We want to know we went out on top with a bang and do everything we intended to do, realise our vision. Like it or not, who knows, but for us, this is the game we wanted to make.

Although Uncharted 4 will be more light-hearted than The Last of Us, it could still make you cry. “I think it can make you cry,” Druckmann said. “I’ve seen focus testers cry during Uncharted 4. I’ve seen people not cry during it, but then I’ve seen people not cry during The Last of Us too. That’s never the goal; the goal is to tell a story that the player can empathize with.”

Writer Josh Scherr was also interviewed by GameSpot, mentioning that Nate’s journal will be back in Uncharted 4, and you can use it to find clues and solve puzzles. “But there are moments when you can examine symbols on the floor and Nate will pull the journal out to do a little sketch,” he added. “A lot of that stuff is actually optional, but if you scour the world you can find these places that you can make sketches. So your journal might look different to someone who did a speedrun through the game. It all helps flesh out the backstory and bring the world together.”

After Uncharted 4 launches on May 10, Naughty Dog is going to do some multiplayer DLC first, “then we’re going to do a little single-player DLC… and who knows what that’s going to be, we haven’t announced that yet.”

[Source: GameSpot]