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Hideo Kojima to Receive Development Legend Award During July’s Develop Awards 2016

Hideo Kojima is poised to be honoured with the Development Legend gong during the Develop Industry Excellence Awards on Wednesday, July 13.

Acknowledging Kojima’s decorated body of work, from Metal Gear Solid series through to Zone of the Enders, the esteemed developer will host a keynote presentation during Develop: Brighton 2016, where he will be joined on stage by Sony alum and friend, Mark Cerny. 

Develop editor James Batchelor outlined Kojima’s success as so:

“Hideo Kojima is the epitome of a Development Legend – few developers reach the stage where their own name becomes as famous as their franchise. While hundreds of people have contributed to the success of Metal Gear Solid, it is Kojima’s vision that has driven the series and established him as one of the most ambitious games developers in the world.

“His ongoing work to push the boundaries of game design is inspiring. We are truly honoured to have him attending the awards, and look forward to celebrating his legacy this July.”

Develop: Brighton 2016 will take place from July 12 to July 14. Hideo Kojima, meanwhile, is currently overseeing development of Kojima Productions’ PS4 debut in partnership with Sony. 

[Source: Develop]