Free-to-Play Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Core Fighters Powers Through 6 Million Downloads

The free-to-play version of Dead of Alive 5: Last Round has been very popular, it seems. Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Core Fighters has now surpassed 6 million downloads. 

This statistic combines all versions of the game, so that’s PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xbox One.  

Publisher Koei Tecmo is celebrating this achievement by allowing players to access 26 characters for free, lasting up until April 11. Also, prices on some of the title’s downloadable content will be discounted.

Do note that both the free characters and decreases in DLC prices are only confirmed for Japan, at this time.

If you’re curious about Last Round Core Fighters, and want to add even more downloads to the total, then we’d advise checking out our review of the paid version here

Were you one of the 6 million? Let us know your thoughts on the game, and if it deserves to have had so much success. 

[Source: Gematsu]