Digital Foundry: Overwatch PS4 & Xbox One “In Good Stead Next to PC,” Tracer Pose Changed in Latest Patch

Digital Foundry has done some in-depth analysis of the upcoming Overwatch beta, showcased during a preview event. Both the PS4 and Xbox One versions were available to play.

Using footage captured from the preview itself, the brains over at Digital Foundry concluded the following:

Our experience with Overwatch has been enlightening; it’s a beautifully stylised shooter, and at 60fps the two console versions stand in very good stead next to PC. All signs point to Blizzard making the right judgement call on how to optimise for each machine, and at a technical level, the prospects for its May release are promising.

Things are looking good for those eager to play the Overwatch beta, which will become available via pre-ordering on May 3, and then it will open up to everyone on May 5.

Also, in other Overwatch news, the controversial pose acted out by the character Tracer, which had been pulled from the game, has now been replaced with something a little more appropriate.

See the before and after shot below:

Tracer Poses

Looking forward to the upcoming beta? What do you think of Tracer’s new pose?

[Source: 12 & Pixel Gate]