Psyonix Has a “Massive Backlog of Really Awesome Things,” New Projects in Development

Psyonix won the hearts of many, including ours, when Rocket League released back in July of 2015. It was, and still is, a huge hit, supported by a friendly DLC plan and regular updates.

But what is next for this, now confirmed legendary, developer? Well, apparently, a hell of a lot!

Speaking to Game Informer, CEO Dave Hagewood, gave details on how the studio has grown in size, and how multiple projects are in the works:

We have this massive backlog of really awesome things… We’re trying to do this hybrid approach now where we put everything we can back into Rocket League, but are also developing new projects, new exciting things, that we we hope to reveal at some point.

Though it isn’t yet known what game the studio is looking to release next, it is clear that Rocket League still has a lot of content coming its way. This month’s update features all kinds of tweaks, as well as a new “Hoops” basketball mode. Also, Rocket League: Collector’s Edition is set to hit retail on July 5. 

[Source: Game Informer]