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Rocket League Boasts an Incredible 75 Million Players Worldwide

For the last five years and counting, Rocket League has been nothing short of a massive success story. Such success reached new heights recently. Thanks to new data, we know just how many players have blasted their way across a Rocket League pitch–75 million. Yes, 75 million players have joined the fun in developer Psyonix’s hit sports title. This is quite the boost from the 50 million players that were logged back in September 2018.

Psyonix shared the news in a recent post on the game’s official website. An infographic embedded within the news article outlines Rocket League’s most impressive “big numbers.” In addition to the milestone of 75 million players, Rocket League is also home to an earth-shattering five billion matches played in its lifetime. Even more intriguing is that players have scored a total of 29 billion goals since launch in summer 2015.

The infographic outlines a few other noteworthy details, too, such as its “big moments” column. Following Rocket League’s July 2015 launch on PS4 and PC, snow day joined the fun that December. An Xbox One version rolled out not too long thereafter in February 2016. The Nintendo Switch launch in late 2017 counts as another big milestone, as does the arrival of tournaments in 2018 and the advent of cross-play in January 2019.

Plenty of other content continues to push Rocket League forward, too. Since its release, the title’s number of available cars has gone from 10 to a whopping 70, for instance. 14 Competitive Seasons with Rewards are in the books. Item and Esports Shops have grown in popularity as well. Suffice it to say, Rocket League’s first five years on the market are rather impressive.

[Source: Rocket League Official Site]