Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Includes New Social Play Element, Different Control Schemes

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Design Director, Erik Odeldahl, recently held a Q&A session on Twitter, discussing a number of features including the game’s control scheme and multiplayer. We’ve compiled some of the Q&As for you below, in which Odeldahl reveals that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst‘s multiplayer comes with a new social play element, and that the game will offer classic control scheme among others.

Do you have details on how the multiplayer will function in the game?

We have a new social play element that I’m really excited about and we’ll be speaking about it very soon.

How extensive is the parkour? Can we climb buildings that have ledges, or is it more momentum/finding a path?

It’s quite extensive and supports both slower climbing and momentum based gameplay.

Will areas be focused on a handful of colors, as they were in the first game?

Some of them are but some of them are also strongly influenced by the identities of the corporations in game.

Will there be any locations in the city that are similar to the areas of the previous game?

The downtown section is the one that reminds me the most of the original Mirror’s Edge

Are the controls the same or different to the original?

You can play with the classic scheme or you can pick from a few different schemes.

Are Faith’s gadgets necessary or optional? I like the idea of them, but I also like a little extra challenge…

There will be some areas you won’t be able to reach without them they are a vital part of Faith’s moveset.

You can find more Q&As by following the source link below.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst releases on May 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: EA UK (Twitter)]