The Division Update 1.1 Trailer Details Incursions, Loot Trading & Dark Zone Supply Drops

To get you ready for The Division update 1.1 tomorrow, Ubisoft released a new Incursions trailer today, showing off Falcon Lost, the new end-game co-op mission. As you’ll also see in the video, the update includes loot trading, new gear sets, high-end weapons, Dark Zone supply drops, new assignments, and more.

Now that it’s been a month since The Division launched, Ubisoft posted an infographic for the game, revealing that people play solo more than co-op, the Classic AK-47 is the most popular primary weapon, and 250 million jumping jacks have been performed so far:


Next up for The Division is the free Conflict update in May, which adds new Dark Zone features and a new Incursion in the Columbus Circle. Then, Ubisoft will release three paid expansions, with the first one, Underground, available in June 2016 on Xbox One and in July 2016 on PlayStation 4 and PC. Xbox One owners will also receive 30-day exclusivity on the second expansion, Survival, in summer 2016.

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