Report: Next Red Dead Game Set Before Redemption, Leaked Map Is Real

Citing a source close to the development of the game, a new report from Techradar says that the recently leaked map for a new Red Dead is real, and it’s a “very recent” art direction map for the title. The source then adds that the map is just east of the one in Red Dead Redemption, and this new Red Dead game is set before the events of Redemption.

The map was first posted on NeoGAF, but was taken down shortly afterwards. You can see the map in full by clicking on the above image.

One interesting point on the map is New Bordeaux (bottom right), which is the fictional location where Mafia 3 will take place.

Techradar said Rockstar didn’t respond to their request for a comment on the story.

Previously, Rockstar parent company Take-Two has called Red Dead a “permanent” franchise, while also saying that they’ll be at E3 2016 “in a big way.”

Do you think we’ll see a new Red Dead this year?

[Source: Techradar, NeoGAF]