Uncharted 4 Possible Level List Leaked, New Details Slip Through During Presentation

It’s almost time for Nathan Drake to go on his final adventure, with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End launching May 10. Where exactly will his final journey take him? Well, we might have an idea, thanks to an eagle-eyed viewer of the GDC 2016 stream.

During the “Technical Art Culture” presentation, given by Naughty Dog’s Lead Technical Artist Andrew Maximov, the audience were given a brief look at a list of, what appears to be, descriptions of Uncharted 4‘s levels. 


The full list is as follows:

  • Boat Intro
  • Orphanage
  • Prison
  • Dive
  • Home (or Nose, it’s hard to make it out, but Home makes more sense)
  • The Prison
  • Auction
  • Scotland
  • Madagascar
  • City
  • Open Water
  • Island
  • Colony
  • Saner (or perhaps Manor)
  • River
  • Sunken Ruins
  • Passage
  • Ship-Graveyard
  • Cave
  • Epilogue

These names are obviously very vague, and give only a general idea of the locations players may be visiting. However, it does still allow us to pin down the Madagascan level we’ve seen showcased in demos.

What do you make of the list? Does anything stand out as particularly interesting or exciting?

[Source: WCCFTECH]