Dead Star Update Today Addresses Connection Loss, Improves Drop Rates for Rare Loot

Taking player feedback into account, developer Armature Studio revealed that a new Dead Star update is out today on PlayStation 4 and PC.

As the patch notes reveal, this update tackles connection loss issues, increases drop rates for rare loot, adds some balance changes, and much more:


  • Connection fixes for players with custom MTU settings or those connecting using PPPoE.


  • Herald – EMP Spark – Added a small slowdown debuff to the EMP effect.
  • Warden – Fix for the Shock Launcher orb sometimes hitting targets twice.
  • Small balance tweaks to various ships
  • Fixed light and particle colors for some ships when they are on a Capital Ship Crew.


  • Fixed an issue where Level 1 Outposts would sometimes not respawn their Guardian AI units.
  • Removed “Defense Lockdown” invulnerability shield from Level 4 Outposts
  • Increased Turrets’ shield regeneration delay from 1s to 3s.

Capital Ship Escape Run

  • Increased the chance of earning a Capital Ship Contract in normal match play and for Capital Ship Tactical Actions.
  • Improved the rewards earned for attacking Capital Ships.
  • Capital Ship Contract Rewards can now be restored by repairing Capital Ship node.
  • Reduced the Ore requirement for rebuilding a destroyed Capital Ship node.
  • Increased the delay between attack waves of Guardian AI in Capital Ship crisis sectors.
  • Reduced the overall health and the shield regen rate for high level assassin Guardian AI in Capital Ship crisis sectors.
  • Added missing Jump count display in the Capital Ship Lobby.
  • Improved the visuals and audio for escape sequence.


  • Added support for unique Event alerts when players log into the service.
  • Various small bug fixes with menu flow.
  • Added an “Augment” indicator next to the Augment entry in the ship configuration menus (Hangar, Lobbies)
  • Moved the Ace Pilot page to be the second page in the After Action report.


  • Added ambient audio to the front end.
  • Fix for Capital Ship music theme not playing in the Capital Ship lobby.


  • Various stability and performance improvements.
  • The match start countdown is no longer paused while teams are being balanced.
  • Modified the chance of maps containing an Event.

If you missed their previous announcement, Armature does one hour of maintenance to Dead Star every Tuesday beginning at 7am PT/10am PT.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member and still haven’t grabbed Dead Star yet, it’s available in the Instant Game Collection until May 2.

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