Developers Unhappy With Sony’s Plans for PS4.5, According to Report

Rumored to be codenamed NEO and boast additional CPU and GPU over its immediate predecessor, it seems Sony’s all-but-confirmed PS4.5/PS4K is already causing headaches for “most” developers. 

That’s according to a “trusted source” cited by Kinda Funny Co-Founder Colin Moriarty, who took to Twitter to reveal that the “extra cost” and development planning involved with the alleged hardware upgrade has irked some creators. 

Reports corroborated by Giant Bomb go on to suggest that, come October, each PlayStation 4 title will ship with a “Base Mode” for those users with original hardware, and a “NEO Mode” to support Sony’s PS4.5/PS4K. That said, there’s still no mention of an official release date for the upgraded system, though if it is in fact real, expect it to be a fixture of Sony’s E3 presentation come June. 

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[Source: Twitter]