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Dark Souls Board Game Surpasses Initial Kickstarter Target in Just Three Minutes

Steamforged Games’ tabletop strategy game Dark Souls – The Board Game has stormed past its initial $50,000 funding goal in just three minutes. 

Pitched as a “deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players,” the Kickstarter project is currently simmering north of $800,000 at the time of writing — and that figure continues to climb.  

With 25 full days still to go on the crowdfunding campaign, Steamforged notes that it is aligning Dark Souls — The Board Game for release in April 2017, when such creatures as Dancer of the Boreal Valley, the Titanite Demon and Frost Knight from Dark Souls 3 will feature. 

Here’s the official description of Steamforged’s strategy game:

“Players choose from a number of core character classes and explore dangerous locations full of monsters, treasures, and deadly boss fights. Designed specifically for the Dark Souls universe and introducing a number of innovative gameplay mechanics, with world-class miniatures faithful to the rich universe, this game delivers an experience that captures the very essence of the original video games.”

Should the campaign maintain its barnstorming pace, Dark Souls — The Board Game is on course to hit all of the stretch goals currently listed, opening up additional encounter cards and new figures inspired by From Software’s RPG series. A Retailer Pledge level can also be found on the Kickstarter page, allowing stores to stock six copies of the project come release. 

Dark Souls — The Board Game is on course to release in April, 2017. 

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