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AMD “Design Wins” Suggest New Console Hardware Set for Release in 2016

AMD has shed light on new “design wins” — industry speak for when one a product is incorporated into another company’s sales model — in its Semi-Custom processor design arm, indicating that three new pieces of console hardware will hit the market throughout this year and beyond. 

That’s according to AMD CEO, Lisa Su, who spoke to about how the chip manufacturer is anticipating a $1.5 billion revenue boon from sales of the new parts.

One thing worth noting is that Su conceded “not all” chips will ship before the year’s end, while it remains to be seen if said processor designs will even be developed into console parts at all. In theory, the three new console reveals would comprise the Nintendo NX along with the all-but-confirmed PS4.5 and, potentially, a revised Xbox One.

Per GamesIndustry:  

“In addition to the new design wins, we have our current game console business as well. So when you look at the aggregate of that, we do expect to start ramping that new business in the second half of the year. But we also expect the seasonal uplift of our traditional game console business. So that’s adding to what we expect will be a strong year for Semi-Custom overall.”

Su stopped short of delving into specifics, however, specifically when it came to the technical specifications of said processors: “I don’t believe that we’ve gone through any detail about what those wins are. So I would prefer to let that come out as our customers are ready to launch.”

What do you make of the alleged new wave of hardware?