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What You Need to Know About the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Beta in 60 Seconds

In case you didn’t know, the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta is now underway! If you’re one of the few who managed to get in, or you’re just curious about it, we tackle the essentials of the beta in our latest 60 Seconds video episode.

The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst beta starts today, April 22, and ends five days later on April 26. In it, players will get a taste of what the full game will bring when it launches on June 7. This includes several of the main story missions, a variety of side missions and other optional content. Social Play features are also active, with players able to create their own Time Trails, place Beat Location Emitters for friends to find, and play the challenging Dashes designed by DICE.

Note that any progress made during the beta will, understandably, not carryover to the final game. And of course, seeing as this is a beta, expect it to be a bit different compared to the final retail version.

Did you manage to get a beta key? What do you make of it so far? Let us know in the comments

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