Fallout 4 Mods Confirmed for PS4 in June 2016

After hinting at the release window earlier this year, Bethesda officially announced today that Fallout 4 Mods are coming to PlayStation 4 in June, following an Xbox One launch in May and PC open beta launch today.

Bethesda said:

Mods and the players who create them have always been an important part of our games, going all the way back to Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls Construction Set. We believe that our games become something much more special, when we put the power of creation in your hands. New quests, environments, characters, dialogue, outfits, weapons and more – with Mods, the possibilities of what you can do are endless. You are creating new experiences that enhance and take our games into amazing and surprising new directions.

For Fallout 4, our goal was to make Mods easier and more accessible than ever before – for both the creators and the players. By building an all-new system with Bethesda.net we’ve made a huge leap forward in achieving that.

Mods will be added to the main menu, letting you search, choose your favorites, post feedback, and install them within the game.

To make Mods, download the free client through the Bethesda.net launcher, then read the Creation Kit Wiki for tips.

Mods support will likely be included in the upcoming update 1.5, which also includes Survival Mode, Far Harbor support, and gameplay optimizations.

[Source: Bethesda]