Report: From Software Next Game Possibly for PlayStation VR, Due in 2017

While From Software has just released Dark Souls III to the enjoyment of action-RPG fans around the world, it looks like the studio’s next project is slated for Sony’s PlayStation VR.

Courtesy of From Software’s YouTube channel, the video above, which was released in April, shows the studio’s portfolio of games from the past, present and even the future (?!). We get to see titles like Armored Core, King’s Field, Tenchu, and of course, Dark Souls shown off, but at the last bit, there’s a “FromSoftware, Inc. Next Title” listing that shows up, and the platforms it’s scheduled to appear on are the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and PlayStation VR. Oh, and it’s scheduled for 2017, too!

In case you didn’t know, PlayStation VR is scheduled to hit retail this coming October. Read up on the headset’s price and other details here. Or better yet, go watch this video why we’re excited for it.

Are you excited at the possibility of From Software releasing a game on PSVR? What would you guess be its premise?

[Source: From Software (YouTube) via VG247]