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SEGA Reports Profit, Thanks to Cost-Cutting Measures and Restructuring

SEGA has posted its earnings for the financial year ended March 31 and although the company has earned a profit, it’s not because its doing well in the games business. SEGA’s operating profit of ¥3.7 billion is the result of cost-cutting measures and restructuring. 

Digital games revenue was down by two percent year-on-year and stood at ¥53.9 billion. Revenue earned from packaged games was down by eleven percent, raking in ¥42.3 billion. Unit sales of packaged games were down by 25 percent as SEGA sold 9.22 million units of software compared to 12.28 million units in the previous year, with the company’s key release being Football Manager 2016

Looking forward, SEGA hopes to strengthen its games business once again with Phantasy Star Online 2 for the PlayStation 4, and the release of Football Manager 2017, Persona 5 for PS3 and PS4, and Yakuza 6 for PS4 alongside Total War: Warhammer. The company also recently said that it’s looking into the possibility of releasing Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2 remasters.