Dambuster Wanted to Create an “Open-World Half-Life” With Homefront: The Revolution

Developer Dambuster Studios has revealed it set out to create an “open-world Half-Life” game with Homefront: The Revolution

Reflecting on the sequel’s prolonged development, Game Director Hasit Zala spoke candidly about Dambuster’s decision to break off in a different direction from the original Homefront, noting that “the vision was to do an open world Half-Life. That’s what we set out to do.”

To reach this ambitious goal, Zala and the creative team set about creating an experience that shied about from the “linear, formulaic” nature of the 2011 original. 

“I would say my biggest criticism for [the first game] was that it was a very formulaic model, it was very much a linear, scripted shooter. That’s completely different from what we wanted to do, we wanted something that had lots of player agency, lots of immersion, lots of emergence in the gameplay and a sandbox narrative. But something that was very narrative [driven] and compelling. We never really particularly focused on Homefront 1 [for The Revolution], we very much focused on our vision of an open world Half-Life game.”

Homefront: The Revolution rappels onto PS4 tomorrow, May 17. To get the skinny on Dambuster’s sequel, check out our comprehensive overview

[Source: Trusted Reviews]