Homefront: The Revolution – Everything You Need to Know

Everything You Need To Know Homefront The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution has had a pretty wild ride to its release next week. Originally developed by Crytek UK and published by THQ, the first-person shooter has undergone huge changes during development. After financial troubles for the developer and publisher, the reboot of Homefront is now being published by Deep Silver, and is developed by the newly formed Dambuster Studios.

The FPS looks to appeal to all shooter fans by offering up unique experience in both single-player and multiplayer. There’s plenty of questions left about the game’s 30 hour campaign and cooperative mode, but we’ve gathered all of the important information into one spot. Check out the gallery below, as it’ll tell you everything you need to know about Homefront: The Revolution and its wild history.

Homefront: The Revolution releases on May 17 for the PlayStation 4. You won’t have to wait long for PlayStation LifeStyle’s review, which will be coming soon.

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