Homefront: The Revolution Isn’t Homefront 2, “Everything” is New

Homefront: The Revolution‘s Senior Narrative Designer, CJ Kershner, has a suggestion to make; “Forget anything you remember about the first Homefront.” What Kershner, who also worked on the original game, means to say is that the upcoming title is not “Homefront 2” and that “everything” is new. In an interview with MCV UK, he said:

Everything is new for Homefront: The Revolution. It’s a new team, new publisher, new style of gameplay, new backstory…

We’ve gone back to the core concept of Homefront – a fallen occupied America with a North Korean military presence and civilian resistance movement – and expanded it out by 360 degrees. Dambuster is making its own unique mark on the name of Homefront, so anything that you remember or know about the first game: forget it now. It’s not a continuation of that story or that style of gameplay. There’s a reason we don’t call it Homefront 2.

The first question that pops in our heads is why Dambuster would want to retain the “Homefront” title instead of calling it something different, and according to Kershner, it’s because “There’s power in that core premise of being a guerrilla fighter and fighting in your own neighbourhoods against a technologically and numerically superior military force.” 

So what should we expect from Homefront: The Revolution? Lots of chaos, unscripted gun battles, and a strong story that sees players moving among civilians, sabotaging infrastructure, and encouraging people to fight against occupation. “By taking it open-world and setting it in Philadelphia, we can bring that guerrilla style of both the shock and awe to the game,” says Kershner. 

Homefront: The Revolution will release in Spring 2016 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can check out our hands-on preview of the game from PAX Prime 2015 here.

[Source: MCV UK]