Crytek Explains Why Homefront: The Revolution Isn’t Coming to PS3 or Xbox 360

Earlier this week, we learned about the existence of Homefront: The Revolution, the sequel to Homefront that is being developed by Crytek Nottingham for release in 2015 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

To learn more about The Revolution, Metro caught up with Game Designer Fasahat Salim, who answered the question of why Homefront is only available on new-gen platforms, revealing at the same time that it will run at 30fps:

We’re still early in the life cycle, but how I see it is, for us, we wanted to try and put it on the platforms that we felt could deliver the best experience. And the amount of stuff going on in this game, the scale at which it’s happening with all of the different systems running behind the scenes, all of these things, and to get a steady 30 frames per second as well… it would have been possible on previous consoles but the thing is it would’ve meant a lot more work and a lot more difficulty. And it would’ve potentially slowed us down from working on the next gen.

As a follow-up to this, Salim agreed that it’s up to developers to support the new consoles as early as possible, adding, “With the new consoles, we’ve reached a level where our CryEngine is capable of easily translating whatever we’ve built onto all of the platforms that it’s ready for and to get the best out of each of them.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Metro made sure to ask why Crytek bought the rights to Homefront and why they’re developing a sequel to the game. Salim’s response was: “We had already started work on it when THQ were still around. They came to us to work on the next Homefront, and we spent about a year working on that with THQ. And then obviously the whole THQ thing happened, and at that point we didn’t know what was going to happen. So we were very concerned we were going to lose all that work we did for that one year, which was a substantial amount.”

Furthermore, Salim talked about how Homefront: The Revolution under the direction of THQ was “still a one-level-at-a-time first person shooter,” but with the Crytek acquisition they “decided to break out of that and go into a free-roaming, much larger Philadelphia. And that gave us a whole lot more potential to explore the idea and the gameplay related to guerrilla warfare. So that was one of the main reasons why, as far as keeping the Homefront IP and the name.”

Set four years after the original game, and without any of the same characters, Homefront: The Revolution won’t be making a playable appearance at E3 2014.