Homefront: The Revolution Includes TimeSplitters 2 Levels, Hearts and Minds Feature Detailed

Along with a new trailer today for Homefront: The Revolution, titled Ignite, Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios revealed the Hearts and Minds feature, which represents the state of uprising across the Yellow Zones of occupied Philadelphia as you inspire the people to fight back.

Here’s what Deep Silver says about Hearts and Minds:

‘Hearts and Minds’ represents the state of uprising across the oppressed Yellow Zones of occupied Philadelphia, and will increase as the player performs acts of resistance, such as destroying KPA in-frastructure.

The open world dynamically transforms around the player as Hearts and Minds increases – a once cowed civilian population will join the player in acts of defiance, and the entire Zone will evolve from a state of lockdown to open revolution on the streets.

Additionally, Deep Silver revealed that one of the makeshift prisons in Homefront: The Revolution will include an arcade cabinet with the first two levels of TimeSplitters 2 – Siberia and Chicago. According to impressions, the levels haven’t seen any graphical upgrades and look identical to the original.

Although the TimeSplitters levels appear in Homefront, likely thanks to the fact that many Free Radical developers now work at Dambuster Studios, Deep Silver told VideoGamer that Crytek still owns the TimeSplitters IP and only the first two levels are included.

Homefront: The Revolution releases on May 17 in North America and May 20 in Europe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: VideoGamer]