Dead Island 2 Skill Cards

Dead Island 2 Skill Cards, Perks, and Abilities Revealed

Dead Island 2 will come with skill cards that allow players to customize their perks, abilities, and special powers as they take on the zombie hoard in LA. The cards are arranged into decks that players can switch up and completely change at any point during their battle against the undead Angelinos.

How to get more Dead Island 2 skill cards

Players will be able to earn skill cards by leveling up their character or by scavenging them from dead enemies. The collectible items can also be found scattered around the city, so exploration will also be needed.

First seen in today’s gameplay video, the cards grant special powers, abilities, and boons to help in combat. Skill cards are sorted into different categories — innate, abilities, survivor, slayer, and numen — with players able to select a different number of cards in each. These cards can be changed at any time during the game, even in midair if you choose. While the majority of cards can be used with all six Slayers, it seems like the innate cards will be restricted to one character only. These are just some of the cards we’ve seen so far:

  • [INNATE] Thunderstruck – Dani’s heavy attacks trigger a forceful explosion on impact.
  • [INNATE] Bloodlust – Dani regains health when slaying multiple zombies in quick succession.
  • [ABILITIES] Block – Defend against incoming attacks. Well-timed blocks regain your stamina and stun zombies, leaving them open to a devastating counter attack.
  • [ABILITIES] Dodge – Evade incoming attacks. Well-timed dodges regain your stamina and stun zombies, leaving them open to a devastating counter attack.
  • [ABILITIES] Dropkick – Perform a forceful jump kick attack that can send regular zombies flying.
  • [ABILITIES] Flying Kick – Perform a powerful jump kick attack.
  • [ABILITIES] War Cry – Let out a fierce yell that boosts toughness for you and nearby squad members. It also weakens nearby zombies.
  • [ABILITIES] Dash Strike – Dash forwards and strike zombies, leaving them weakened.

The exact descriptions of others haven’t been revealed, but the combination of Dash Strike and the Slayer skill Hammer Fist will “unleash a strike capable of launching zombies into the stratosphere”. Meanwhile, the Ground Pound Abilities card combined with the Survivor cards Flare Up and Quake will “create a truly devastating ground smash that topples zombies and ignites the floor underneath them”. Deep Silver Dambuster Studios suggests players will find a build to suit every situation and playstyle.