Homefront: The Revolution Had a “Linear, Scripted Campaign” Before THQ Went Bankrupt

Back when THQ was still operational and had the rights to Homefront, it was planning on making Homefront: The Revolution a linear, scripted game.

Narrative Designer CJ Kershner talked a bit about what the game originally was supposed to be like, mentioning that when Dambuster “acquired the rights to the property,” it changed the campaign from a linear one to something more open world.

The biggest change was when Dambuster acquired the rights to the property after the THQ bankruptcy. Before they had been making a direct sequel to the original Homefront, and had been making it in that vein. A linear, scripted campaign. When they became masters of their own destiny, suddenly the opportunity to make whatever game they wanted was theirs.

Given the setting, the story they wanted to tell, the types of gameplay they wanted to feature, the question was, ‘why not take this open world? It’s benefited the game enormously. The canvas of an open world favours guerrilla-style tactics much more easily than a linear campaign.

 Homefront: The Revolution is due out sometime in 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: GamesRadar]