Co-Op Gameplay Takes Center Stage in New Trailer for [email protected]

Developer Stormcloud Games has premiered a new trailer for [email protected], the “retro-modern” PS4 dungeon crawler making a beeline for Sony’s current-gen system later this year. 

Drawing attention to the co-op gameplay, a new trailer for [email protected] has surfaced, taking you up close and personal with Stormcloud Games’ reimagining of the ASCII RPG. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of the story underpinning Stormcloud’s title, as documented by Producer Richard Wood:

Firstly, all the loot you find in [email protected] is not shared, so that axe you find, or that health potion can only be used by one player. This makes the sharing of resources very important to successfully navigating all 26 dungeon floors. This can work in your favour however, if player one has a health potion and player two is low on health. You can hand this potion over, or if in the heat of battle, you can actually throw this potion at your co-op partner, giving them health to carry on their epic fight to the death – just don’t miss! The last thing you want to do is accidentally heal the enemy your friend is fighting – we’d hate to be in the room if that happened!

[email protected] is expected to make its debut on PlayStation 4 before the year’s end. 

[Source: PS Blog]