“Massive” Rocket League June Update Will Include New Quick Chats, Post-Game Phrases

In the “massive” Rocket League June update, Psyonix will be adding 27 new Quick Chats and eight post-game phrases, following frequent community requests.

Here’s the new options:

New In-Game Quick Chats

  • All yours.
  • Calculated.
  • Go for it!
  • Great Clear!
  • Holy cow!
  • In position.
  • Incoming!
  • My bad…
  • My fault.
  • Need Boost!
  • Nice Block!
  • Nice one!
  • No Way!
  • Okay.
  • Oops!
  • Savage!
  • Siiiick!
  • What a play!
  • Whew.

Post-Game Quick Chats

  • Everybody dance!
  • gg
  • Nice moves.
  • One. More. Game.
  • Rematch!
  • That was fun!
  • Well played.
  • What a Game!

After the update goes live next month, you’ll be able to remap your Quick Chats by heading into the Chat menu in the Options section (see above).

More details about the June update will be revealed starting this week and throughout the month of June.

Don’t forget that Rocket League is coming to retail in July, complete with four new timed-exclusive vehicles and an exclusive art print.

[Source: Rocket League Game]