Prison Architect Breaks Out on June 28 for PS4, Xbox One & Xbox 360

Prison Architect is releasing on June 28 in North America and Europe through retail and digital stores for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, Double Eleven announced today.

Priced at $29.99 USD, anyone who pre-orders Prison Architect through major retailers in North America or Europe will receive the All Day and a Night DLC for free. This piece of content will also be sold separately after launch for $9.99 and includes eight new wardens, eight new prison maps, and eight new plots.

Double Eleven’s Mark South gave a brief idea of what to expect from Prison Architect:

You start with an empty plot of land and have to build a holding cell, while a bus load of prisoners slowly trundle toward the prison gate. Once the prisoners are safely in the holding cell the race is on to construct a cell block with a shower and canteen before the next bus arrives. Once the initial rush is over, the only limit is your imagination: workout rooms, libraries, solitary cells, and even death row — as we say: it’s your prison and your rules!

Already a million-seller on PC, the console version of Prison Architect “has been skilfully re-imagined for consoles by developer Double Eleven, allowing players to design and build the prisons of their dreams from simple reform centres to complex super max penitentiaries using easy to pick up controls.” You’ll also find a fully-fledged story mode and the World of Wardens feature, which lets you share your prison online and try other prisons that have been uploaded.

As previously mentioned, Prison Architect isn’t planned for release on PlayStation Vita.

[Source: PS Blog]