Final Fantasy XV Featurette Part 1 Shows Us the Long Road to Developing the RPG

It’s no secret that Final Fantasy XV has experienced a rather tumultuous development cycle. Heck, we even wrote a whole feature about it. With the RPG now — finally — now set for a September 2016 release, Square Enix is lifting the lid on the game’s development.

In the video above which is called “The Long Road to Final Fantasy 15 -Part 1: 10 Years in the Making,” we see exactly just that; shots of the game from this year to previous years where it was supposed to come out. Watch the eight-minute video where Square Enix developers comment on the game’s development progress and changes to what it is today.

In other FFXV news, don’t forget to check out our interview with Game Director Hajime Tabata, and what we experienced during FFXV’s re-reveal event last month.

Let’s hope FFXV finally gets released, and that it’ll be worth the wait for Final Fantasy fans. Personally, and as a former huge JRPG fan, I’m hoping FFXV is the game that makes the Final Fantasy brand name a powerhouse again.

[Source: IGN (YouTube)]