Rocket League Update 1.18 on PS4, Xbox One & PC Fixes Bugs

Before the massive Rocket League update in June, developer Psyonix has brought out a smaller patch that fixes a couple of issues on PlayStation 4 and adds a platform-specific filter option on the leaderboards.

Here’s the patch notes for update 1.18 on PS4 and PC/title update 6 on Xbox One:


  • Leaderboards now have a platform-specific filter option that only shows rankings for the network you are playing on.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash in Free Play when Reset Ball was used after scoring
  • Fixed issues preventing players from spawning when playing offline/splitscreen modes.

Specific to PC and Xbox One, Psyonix has added Cross-Network Play with this update. The feature was announced earlier this year and, should Sony allow it, would let PS4 and Xbox One owners play against each other.

Next month’s Rocket League update will include new Quick Chats and Post-Game Highlights. Also, don’t forget that the retail version is releasing in June/July, depending on your region.

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