Smite PS4 Release Date Announced, Watch the Launch Trailer Now

Want some MOBA action on your PlayStation 4? You’re soon going to get your wish, as Hi-Rez Studios has finally revealed the Smite PS4 release date and it’s next week! 

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Hi-Rez Senior Producer Andy Anderson announced that Smite will be available this May 31 and out of open beta. What’s the difference between Smite’s open beta and the final release? Check ’em below.

  • Doubled Frame Rate

Smite is now optimized at 60 FPS!

  • Divine Trophies

Show off your godly play with awesome Trophies.

  • New Game Modes

Our small-scale 5v5 Clash and Siege modes are a great, streamlined introduction to MOBA-style gameplay.

  • New Gods

We’ve added four new gods to Smite during beta, bringing our total count to 75.

  • Activity Feed

Let all your friends know when you master a God, earn an award, or hit max level.

According to Anderson, “frequent and free” updates will be coming to Smite since the studio introduces new content every 2-3 weeks all year round.  

Stay tuned to our review of Smite soon, and we’ll even be doing a giveaway where winners will get some nice in-game goodies.

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]