Atelier Firis Ventures Onto PS4, Vita – 20 Screens

Gust has revealed the next entry in its popular alchemy RPG series, Atelier. The new game, called Atelier Firis: Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey, will appear on PlayStation 4 and Vita with expected release this fall in Japan.

Take a look at some screenshots and art:

Starring the adventurous Firis Mistroot, Atelier Firis looks to be the biggest Atelier game yet, in terms of land area. It’s said to be a little more wide open than previous games. She and her family live in an underground city where only a select few are ever allowed to leave, and when they do, they’re expected to return promptly. Having some kind of skill that can benefit the whole population is one’s key to seeing the outside world, so Firis takes up alchemy.

If I made this game, I’d have a “bad ending” like 20 minutes in, where she just blows everything up, either by accident or in a maniacal revenge plot.   Back to facts, though….

Players can create custom items through alchemy with materials gathered in the usual way: found in the wild or taken from defeated foes.

The premium edition, though yet without a price tag, will include a soundtrack CD, some art cards, a download code for a special costume, and a wall scroll.

Being a brand new Japanese announcement, there is of course not yet a western release date, and there likely won’t be for some time.

[Source: 4Gamer]