Akiba’s Beat First Trailer, Info

Now that the infosplosion Famitsu issue has been shipped to bookstores, we can see the first trailer for the newly revealed Akiba’s Beat. Players of the two Akiba’s Trip games will notice some immediate differences, as this looks a lot more like a traditional action RPG. It is still, of course, set in Akihabara.

Strange dungeons are popping up all around Tokyo’s famous anime/manga/eroge paraphernalia district, and it’s up to our heroes to dive in and stomp out the monsters. Their gradual defeat of enemies and clearing out of these zones may solve their problem of an ever-repeating Sunday, which kind of sounds like the movie Groundhog Day.

The game’s official website has received some updates and is no longer a splash page. Look for it to release on PS4 and Vita this fall in Japan. International dates have not been announced, as those usually come after the Japanese version launches.