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Twitch Releases E3 2016 Livestream Schedule, Includes Press Conferences and Reveals

With E3 2016 around the corner, Twitch has revealed its livestream schedule covering the 5-day event including various press conferences, gameplay reveals, interviews with major developers/publishers, and more. Twitch, which is the official E3 streaming partner, will be celebrating its fifth birthday during the event. Without further ado, here’s the schedule, with all times in PT:

June 12th — Day -1

1pm: EA Press Conference

7pm: Bethesda E3 Showcase

8:30pm-9am: Official Twitch E3 2016 Pre-Pre-Show

June 13th — Day 0

9:30am: Xbox E3 Briefing

11:30am: The PC Gaming Show

1pm: Ubisoft E3 Press Conference

3pm: TBA Exclusive Reveals

6pm: PlayStation E3 Experience

June 14th — Day 1

9am: Nintendo Treehouse LIVE @ E3

10:30am-7pm: E3 2016 Main Event @ the Twitch Booth

June 15th — Day 2

10:00am-7pm: E3 2016 Main Event @ the Twitch Booth

June 16th — Day 3

10:00am-6pm: E3 2016 Main Event @ the Twitch Booth

Don’t forget to stay tuned to PSLS. As usual, we’ll be updating the site as announcements are made and will be bringing you previews, interviews, and more straight from the show floor!

Are our readers looking forward to E3?

[Source: Twitch]