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New Image Unmasks Kojima Productions Mascot Ludens

Piece by piece, Kojima Productions has rolled out new details for its official studio mascot, Ludens. 

Infused with nostalgic elements, the logo features a person sporting a near-future space suit with a flag of the company logo to boot. 

Now, GameSpot has relayed a new image of the Kojima Productions mascot in question that offers up our best look at Luden yet.

Tethered with the caption, “I’ll keep coming,” little else was shared about the picture other than the fact Producer Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi noted it isn’t a screenshot pulled from the studio’s mysterious PS4 exclusive. 


Capped at 100 staff members, Hideo Kojima recently teased that he hopes to nurture a “small, intimate” work force not dissimilar to that of Tearaway dev Media Molecule. Exactly how that will affect Kojima Productions’ end product, however, is up for question at this time. 

So, there you have it; Ludens has ostensibly been revealed. Let the speculation commence. 

[Source: GameSpot via Twitter]