World of Final Fantasy Release Date, New English Trailer

Are you ready to take on the roles of twins Reynn and Lann, who find themselves in a strange world full of large heads? Well that’s too fucking bad, because Square Enix is coming at you with World of Final Fantasy on Oct. 25. This applies to both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions.

The PS Blog says:

“Throughout their adventure, players will collect, raise and battle adorable beings of classic Final Fantasy lore including the cactuar, chocobo and behemoth to create customizable, strategic tower combinations to take on the most challenging of opponents.”

The World of Final Fantasy cast is a, um, well it’s a cast from the world of Final Fantasy. Wow, talk about a sentence that ends the same way it began. Great Buddha, I gotta tap out, because I am losing it here.

In case you missed them, we’ve got a bunch of cool screenshots right here.